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Over the years, Wim van de Valk have established themselves as a custom-built shipyard, known for their outstanding quality at very competitive prices. Thier approach can be called somewhat rebellious. Providing richly equipped custom yachts at prices of conventional production motor yachts.  They offer a staggering list of “extras” all included as standard, combined with full customisation.

The shipyard offer their customers the opportunity to implement all their possible wishes and requirements within their Continental. The interior can be regarded as fully custom, your imagination is the only limitation. The ship’s layout and interior style is designed in close consultation with the client. Within the standard package they already provide an almost infinite range of different woods, fabrics, work tops, ceilings, floor coverings and even for the smallest, but just as important, components such as hinges and locks. The desired interior style will be carried through to the smallest details.

Also, from an exterior point of view, the client is always  in control, like the choice of colours, components, fabrics and even fly bridge and front deck area layouts. Even more radical changes are possible, such as modifications to the superstructure or bulwarks or even a completely new size or a fully new design.

A large part of the inclusive niceties such as generators, inverters, air-conditioning, the 15mm massive teak-laid decks, stainless steel safety rails as thick as a man’s arm, full under floor heating, double-glazed condensation-free windows, state of the art ships management system and full navigation. Audiovisual and remote camera systems are on some other boats only available as additional options.

Wim van de Valk however, have included these, and much more,  in the standard package just because they think they will make you feel much more comfortable and safe.

Contrary to most others, Wim ban de Valk are not just a shipyard who manage a number of subcontractors. Their yachts are actually completely built by their own in-house staff. So building and welding the hull, applying the paint system, interior building, installation of technical equipment etc. is all done in-house by their own exceptional team of people. This is quite unique and this approach means that they are always fully in control of every aspect of the building process. This is not only a great advantage during the build period but it also means that they can offer you the best possible after sales services.

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