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Ever since the year 1968 Wim van de Valk have placed a very high priority on product excellence. Their professionals are selected on both their level of skills and their passion for building yachts. Every individual staff member takes enormous pride in his or her work and is dedicated to making sure that even the smallest details are perfect.

A unique blend of talents ensures the creation of yachts of the highest possible quality through the combination of “old school” craftsmanship, passion, pride and precision.

Quality and craftsmanship are associated with delicate, pure materials. Therefore Wim van der Valk set high standards where it comes to components and materials. These are all carefully selected on basis of their quality, appearance and durability.

Specialized carpenters build fully customised and bespoke interiors. Standard moulds are not used simply because every interior is unique. The complete interior is built by use of both modern and old-fashioned tools and equipment. This, however, whilst never forgetting  traditional production and artisan methods.

This quality and attention to detail is found in every single step of the building process.

For instance the painting of the ship is done by highly skilled and specialised professionals using to the same process and standards that are applicable on the world's finest super yachts.

All Wim van de Valk’s professionals are genuinely proud of their work and work daily with great affection.

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